Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Chance Meeting of a Fellow Hobbyist......

Like two ships passing in the sea.  The world may not be aware of their existence, yet their monstrous size can not be denied.  You and I go about our life and are totally unaware of these two large ships passing in the sea.

This hobbyist and I are two prominent active hobbyists in our local community and none of the civilian population looking at us would be aware of that.  Hey Psychedelic, I thought that was you, he says.  Hey how are you, I reply?

Man, I haven't seen you posting lately, you still hobbying?  Yeah he says, I am still as busy as ever, I no longer post though, who needs the drama?  Besides he continues, notice how dead the local boards are?

He then continues, Psych, the boards are so dead, they should be paying you to post!

For the next 45 minutes, this prominent hobbyist and I share info on all the latest in the local hobbying scene.

The boards are dead and or filled with drama.  There are hundreds or thousands of local hobbyists who are not posting, still hobbying though, but keeping to them self or only sharing with their close circle of personal hobbyist friends.

It brings back memories to me.  I have only posted on the local boards for the past 6 years or so, yet prior to my knowledge that escort review boards existed, I STILL saw hundreds or perhaps thousands of escorts, body rub girls and Asian massage parlor girls in the past few decades.

Escort review boards DO help out the hobbyist.  However, the info is there for him to read and benefit from.  His posting on such boards is primarily to give back to the community as the community has given to him  It benefits the COMMUNITY via the hobbyist sharing his thoughts. 

Prior to being aware that escort review boards existed, I had a very significant method of helping my fellow hobbyist out.  Many of my personal friends saw escorts.  These guys were all pretty well to do and we would share prostitute info with each other.

I would be at a strip club and of the dozen or so dancers, the two or three that turned me on the most, I would make an offer to.  They would request for me to pay for a private lap dance and I would.  After they danced a couple or few songs for me and we mutually saw there was a personality connection, I would show the dancer a hundred dollar bill as I handed her my business card, stating that if ever this place was slow, give me a call and stop by to pick up your hundred dollar bill.

I would infer that I was looking for an escort.  She would further ask to verify what I meant via escort.  She would say, you mean like go to dinner and movies?  I would smile and mention we could do that TOO. :) 

She knew what I was looking for and I hoped it would be a mutually beneficial agreement.  I also mentioned that I have a half dozen + buddies who are clean cut nice guys just like me and they would love to see you too and of course they have a hundred dollar bill waiting for you too.

Keep in mind, this was a decade or so ago.  Currently the economy is bad, but back then $100 was simply a fair price to pay for a hook up, with inflation and all in mind.

So, quite often, the girl who was doing a lap dance for me the night before, was now at my place peeing in my mouth in the shower the day after and we were rolling in the hay too.  I would then call my doctor friend, yacht captain friend and restaurant owner friend and sure enough, each of these guys would be fucking this hot babe dancer for 100 bucks too.

Think of how good a situation this was for all involved.  The girl was making fast easy money doing some thing she was mentally and physically prepared to do any way.  Via meeting ME, she gets introduced to a half dozen or more nice guys who contributed $$$ to her cause.

Then there was the accountant friend who had a cute house cleaner girl.  She mentioned how she was working too hard to clean a house for 2 hours for 40 bucks.  He conveyed to her that men have needs and he has a bunch of buddies who'd gladly pay her 40 bucks for only a half hour of work.  Before ya know it, all of us guys were fucking his cleaning lady!!!!

Back to the conversation of my hobbyist friend and I.  Reality is, if you combine the info resources and monetary resources of a dozen or so hobbyists who all have the commonality of wanting sex with a hot babe at a decent price and if those guys stay in constant communication with each other, that has POWER.

Think of it, if one girl (escort, prostitute) knows she can make say 100 bucks spending a little intimate time with a nice guy, that is cool.  However, if she also gets introduced to a dozen + guys who will all give her a quick $100 too, that would really cater to her needs and desires.

Perhaps even more powerful than escort review board info, would be such a congregation of hobbyists.

These hobbyists would truly have their best interest in mind.  Often times an escort review boards primary motivation is to make the boards owner $$$$.  That is priority #1.  The interest of the hobbyist is not priority #1.

Then you have other escort review boards whose priority is safety of the escorts.  That is all fine and dandy, but it is still not putting the hobbyist as priority #1.

There are no boards currently on the market that truly cater to the needs of the hobbyist.  This is why hobbyist participation is at record low levels of participation.  This is also why there is a need for more escort review boards.  Boards that are not motivated via profit, but boards that are run by a TRUE HOBBYIST that look out for the best interest of hobbyists.

The hobbyist brother and I chatted for 45 minutes +.  It rekindled feelings of being at a GT (get together), in which you share thoughts of current events with in this industry.  Lots of good info shared via two guys who are active hobbyists.  Time well spent.......

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